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Bespoke eyebrows 

Just like the way we like to make our tea... each PMU artist has their own unique style! I like to understand my clients needs to really nail the look they want to achieve. The best way to see if I'm the PMU artist for you is to look at my past clients and read their reviews!  



Jess had old PMU work which had discoloured the skin around the brow. We decided to go with a combination of hairstroke through the brow with a soft ombre on the kid and end section to hid the discolouration


Zoe is has a very fair complexion and had very light eyebrows. She doesn't wear a lot of make up and wanted a very soft, subtle natural brow. We decided on very light hairstokes enhancing her lovely natural brow shape.



Emma has amazing skin for PMU and Although tans well we went for a mid brown to really enhance her brows. Emma's brows had thinned in places and these soft hair strokes were the perfect way to restore her beautiful natural brow and brow shape.


Vanessa was my first ombre model, she was keen to have a natural look but with a crisp, well defined finish, so we chose a light-mid brown and mapped a sharp, less rounded brow to suit her face shape. 

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